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Top 10 Unclaimed Scholarships in Canada

Unclaimed Scholarships in Canada

It may come as a shocker there are a massive number of Unclaimed Scholarships in Canada. However, they are tagged “unclaimed” because scholarships are available but not claimed by students. This article gives an eye-opening sneak peek into these Scholarships and provides detailed requirements to claim them. Read through the end. Canada has proven several times … Read more

10 Worst High Schools in Canada

Worst High Schools in Canada

The ranking of schools is prepared according to the annual ranking from the Fraser Institute. It’s important to note that Canadian high schools are ranking among the very best high schools across the world and in general, Canada is actually among the most sort after country for students around the world now with international students … Read more

Canada Universities That Accept SAT

Canada Universities That Accept SAT

Lots of students who wish to study in Canada, always have questions to ask regards SAT, this questions sometimes are not answered by some adverts and blogs, and majority dwells on Sat, some even ask are  Canadian universities that accept SAT, and which in answer to we compiled a list of about 5 of them. … Read more