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10 Best Business Schools in Canada with Scholarships

Upon graduation from high-school, students are to decide which career path to follow. Those who consider a career path in business and entrepreneurship are to attend business schools. Also, individuals who already run a business, and wish to gain more knowledge, ought to attend not just any business school, but the best business school, to acquire more knowledge and skills.


One big question that arises every time is which countries have the best business schools in the world?. According to a report compiled by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), Canada is ranked as one of the Top countries with the best business schools.

Why You Should Study in Canada

Amongst countries like Germany, France, UK and USA, which have great business schools, Canada seems to be the preferred choice for both domestic and international students. This is because Canada has worldwide recognition for its world-class education and these Canadian business schools are cheap and readily affordable. Also, Canada is known all over the world for its natural beauty – which includes lakes, islands, beaches, just to mention a few – that serve as places of tourist attraction.

Before I go further talking about the best business schools students can enroll in, I want us to have a little understanding of MBA and Business schools. A lot of people refer to an MBA program as business school, forgetting that a business school usually offer undergraduate degrees, while some may also offer PhDs. However, MBA is a degree offered by a business school to practitioners.

A business school, according to Kaplan, is an educational institution which specializes in teaching courses, and programs, related to business or management. At a business school you can acquire Associate degrees, Bachelor degrees, Master degrees, and Doctoral degrees.

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In this article, we will be looking at 10 of the best business schools in Canada. Some of these schools offer scholarship in all and/or a few of the degree programs. This listing is in no particular order, hence, the top ranking business school might be found at the bottom or middle of the listing.

  1. Sauder School of Business – University of British Columbia

Located in Vancouver, UBC Sauder is an internationally recognized business school which offers high quality business and accounting programs at bachelor, masters, and doctoral levels.

Ranked Top 25 in North America for Executive Education, and #1 in Canada for business & economics,  UBC Sauder has an internationally diverse student body, as well as faculty. Also, Sauder School of Business offers scholarships which is available for both graduate and undergraduate students.


  1. Schulich School of Business – York University

Ranked among the best business schools in the world, Schulich is a Global, innovative and diverse business school which offers undergraduate, graduate, diploma, PhD, and executive programs.

Also, financial aid – in the form of scholarships, bursaries and award – are provided by the institution to both national and international students based on outstanding academic performance.


  1. Desautels Faculty of Management – McGill University

Established in 1906, Desautels is a top international business school which provides innovative programs, and has a reputation for excellence. It offers academic programs at the undergraduate, masters, executive, and PhD levels.

Desautels is home to students from over 75 countries worldwide, and provides an inclusive environment which provides students opportunity to learn and develop in many ways beyond academics.

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This business school offers merit based scholarship which is available to domestic and international students.


  1. Alberta School of Business – University of Alberta

Ranked among the best business school in the world, it is the first accredited business school in Canada, committed to developing and inspiring entrepreneurial leaders.

Alberta Business School is internationally recognized for its contribution in research as well as the quality of its academic programs. Alberta school of business engages actively with its community.


  1. HEC Montréal Business School | Montréal, Québec, Canada

Ranked in the top 100 business schools in the world for its outstanding contribution in research, HEC Montréal offers over 100 programs from undergraduate to PhD level. Its community is made up of over 14,000 students, with more than 4,000 international students from across 151 countries.

Also, over $25 million is disbursed in research funding. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), HEC Montréal Business School offers scholarships and financial aid which is made available to national and international students.


  1. Smith School of Business – Queen’s University

Smith School of Business is one of the premier business schools in Canada, and is recognized internationally for its innovative approach to business education. This institution offers reputable programs, from undergraduate to graduate level. According to ranking by Economist, Smith School of business ranks Top 100 in its MBA.


  1. Telfer School of Management – University of Ottawa

Among business schools that have achieved triple crown of accreditation, Telfer School of Management is one of them. At Telfer, students receive high quality education, and are provided with great research opportunities which allows for global recognition.

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In the last four years, Telfer School of Management has been ranked among the Top 150 Business Schools of the Financial Times.


  1. John Molson School of Business – Concordia University

Ranked amongst the best business schools in Canada, John Molson School of Business offers programs from undergraduate to doctoral level. It offers full-time and part-time MBA programs. Also, merit-based scholarships are available for domestic and international students. This scholarships usually represents up to 40% of the tuition fee.


  1. Goodman School of Business – Brock University

This business school offers programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level of study. Goodman is dedicated to providing students with opportunities needed to excel. For students in need of financial aid, Goodman School of Business provides scholarships for both national and international who have outstanding academic performance.


  1. Sobey School of Business – Saint Mary’s University

This institution makes great impact through active learning and connecting with the business community. At Sobey School of Business, students are provided with the opportunities to research, collaborate and work in ways that will positively affect their immediate community.

Also, five exclusive $30,000 Sobey MBA Scholarships is offered to high-achieving Canadian citizens or permanent residents entering the MBA program full-time in 2020.


I have done my part in compiling the 10 of the best business schools in Canada. It is now up to you to select an institution which matches your interest and apply.

If this article meets your immediate need, do well to leave a response in the comment box.

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