Best Engineering Colleges in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts is known as the cradles of liberty for its great contribution to the US revolution, and also the cradle of education as a result of having one of the best universities in the world. It was the first state in the US to require all her cities to have a local school, it is the home of any kind of school in north America.  This state has about 75 institutions studying engineering, with quality of education offered in each of the universities in the field of engineering  its leaves many of her prospective applicants confused  when it comes to choosing the best college to study engineering in Massachusetts, this ranking was based on the research and innovative capacity of each institutions and how many citations they receive in the international community in the field of engineering.

  • Massachusetts institute of technology, Cambridge 

Location:  Cambridge, MA


This institution is a private land grant research institution; it is also known as the soul of engineering in Massachusetts. Its researches are in alliance with government, private and about 800 companies sponsor and fund her research in the fields of engineering and technology in creative innovations, 3D printing, new navy shops. About 60% of its undergraduate population is studying engineering, while 45% of her graduate population is in engineering.

  • Harvard University, Cambridge

Location: Cambridge, MA

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This is a large private university, and the oldest university founded in 1636, it is reputable for its 79 libraries, having produced 8 US presidents. It is among the best universities in the world and reputable for her researches. It has 33 departments in engineering.

  • Tufts University, Medford

Location: Medford, MA


Tufts university is a private university founded in 1852, they have 41 engineering programs, they offer bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in engineering.

  • Northeastern university Boston

Location: Boston, MA


This is a private research university, renowned for its experimental learning system, where they students are involved in researches and innovation. this university has about 40 engineering program.

  • Boston University, Boston

Location:  Boston, MA


This is institution is a private nonsectarian research university, affiliated to the united Methodist church, it is the largest employer of labor in Boston, with a student population of 33,000.  It offers 33 engineering programs.

  • Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston

Location: Boston MA

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This is a medium sized private university; it offers 17 engineering programs. This institution is renowned for its engineering programs.

  • Worcester polytechnic institute

Location: Worcester, MA


It is a medium sized private university; its engineering schools offers program in about 45 different fields.

  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Location: Amherst, MA


This institution is renowned for her civil engineering department and is the largest university in the new England region, it is a private has a student’s population of 29000. With 47 engineering program.

  • University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Location: Lowell, MA


It is the second largest public urban research university, renowned for its mechanical engineering program, and its STEM programs.

  • Franklin w. Olin college of engineering

Location: Needham, MA


This is a small private institute of engineering, its focuses on innovation and students experience in engineering specialties, it has 3 programs in engineering.

your dream of studying engineering in the cradle of education is gradually coming to fulfillment, the list of the best engineering colleges in Massachusetts provided here is meant to guide you, the links to each institution admission portal has been provided too hasten your admission processing.

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