10 Best Postgraduate Scholarships in Canada for all Students

Lots of persons wants to study in Canada, especially postgraduate students, and this has lead many to ask questions like what are the top best postgraduate scholarships in Canada for all students, this has lead us to write and research on this topics, and have also provided you with details, and answer to questions asked by international students, the questions are.

Do International Students Get Scholarship to Study in Canada?

Canadian government through many platforms has utilized many avenue’s to award scholarships to her international students, irrespective of countries with the necessary requirements to gain admission in any of her universities for either their graduate and postgraduate course’s. This scholarship some are awarded by the institutions, provincial government and NGOs

How Do One Get Permanent Residency in Canada?

Permanent residency is given to non Canadian citizens who wish to live and work in Canada, it is given to  those with skills, knowledge and education, to be eligible for this documents you must have lived and worked in Canada, for years and will apply to the provincial government to be nominated for it, before you apply for it.  Through an IRCC who would access your documents in regulations with immigration rules.

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Website: https://vanier.gc.ca/en/home-accueil.html

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This scholarship has two aims to fulfill which is to help  Canada attract and retain qualified PhD students, secondly to make Canada a center for research and education.  To be eligible for this scholarship you must have a good Masters’ degree in programs like Engineering, Natural Sciences, Health, Social Sciences or Humanities.  This scholarship award is up to 167 and a total of 500 person are part of the scholarship,  to be eligible you must have enrolled for a scholarship and this scholarship has a value of $50,000. This scholarship is evaluated based on leadership, research, and academic background.

  • University of Waterloo International Master’s and Doctoral Awards

Website: https://uwaterloo.ca/graduate-studies-postdoctoral-affairs/current-students/international-student-funding

This scholarship is awarded to full time students enrolled in a masters degree program, in the university of Waterloo, its among the best postgraduate scholarships in Canada, must posses the right academic requirements, and has a value of $2,045 per term for 2 years (Master’s) or $4,090 per term for 3 years (PhD).  It has about 14 honors.

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Website: https://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/awards/ontario-graduate-scholarship/

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This postgraduate scholarships is fully funded by the provincial government for students interested in pursuing a masters and PhD degree.  It involves international students of many disciplines,  it has a value of  $15,000, 

  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship

Website: Link

This scholarship attract the best students for PhD in the province of Ontario,  to study in university of Waterloo, its value is around $40,000 , and it is awarded to international students who hold a students visa.

  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

Website: https://umanitoba.ca/graduate-studies/funding-awards-and-financial-aid/university-manitoba-graduate-fellowship-umgf

This scholarship is fully funded for students interested in pursuing their master’s and PhD degree, it awards 18,000 for her PhD and $14,000 for her Master’s. Students from all fields with exception of medicine and masters of business administration are eligible to apply.

  • University of Calgary Graduate Awards

Website: https://grad.ucalgary.ca/awards

This scholarship is open to international students, who wish to study in the university of Calgary for their,  postgraduate programs, her value is from  $1,000 to $40,000, other scholarships in this category are Alberta Innovates which encourage innovations.

  • Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Website: https://www.trudeaufoundation.ca/scholarship

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This postgraduate scholarship is available for students interested in pursuing a masters and PhD degree in areas of humanities and social science,  its value is around $60,000 a year. 

  • UBC Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships

Website: https://www.grad.ubc.ca/awards/graduate-global-leadership-fellowship

This scholarship aims at allowing international students from any part of the world to study and get a PhD degree,  who has outstanding leadership and humanitarian potential,  the value for this scholarship is around $18,200.

  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

Website: https://banting.fellowships-bourses.gc.ca/en/home-accueil.html

This scholarship is awarded to international students who are undergoing a postgraduate degree program in the areas of natural and social sciences or health research, it has a value of about $70,000.

  • Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s Program

Website: https://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/students-etudiants/pg-cs/cgsm-bescm_eng.asp

This scholarship is awarded to masters degree students,  with aims of helping them develop a good research skills, and assist in  the training of highly qualified personnel’s.  It has a value description of about $17,500.

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