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Full Berkeley Law School Scholarships And Fellowships In USA

The Berkeley Law School Scholarships And Fellowships In USA,  is open to all law students irrespective of any country to study in her campus, located in the famous California, this scholarship is aimed at encouraging diligence in law, and also serves as a way to answer the famous questions asked by law students, whether they is scholarship available to law students, this scholarship covers undergraduate, graduate, research and  doctorate fields of law,   which is is great opportunity as it covers every aspect of your legal career.


The united states of America continue to attract many international students, owing to her education through self-reliance system of education, and making her education students friendly, about 30% of all international students application to the US, is law, which is why Berkeley Law School Scholarships And Fellowships In USA, was meant to help increase it, currently about international students study in the US.

Studying in the university of Berkeley law school, will greatly help you as you advance your career in the field of law. This scholarship will greatly help you boast your career as a legal practitioner, this university has always made sure that it inculcated a theoretical but practical approach to law.

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About the Berkeley Law School Scholarships

This scholarship is fully funded by the Berkeley law school, and can be obtained by studying in the university, located in California USA, this scholarship covers undergraduate, graduate, research, short courses and doctorate degree in the fields of law, her undergraduate law program lasts for a period of 4 years, masters for a period of 2 years,  fellowship programs depending on research options lasts for a year or more, while her PhD lasts for a period of 3 years. This scholarship is also open to international students. The last day to apply is


They’re many options available to students who are beneficiaries of this scholarship, it will cover the following areas

  • Tuition fee
  • Accommodation
  • Textbook’s
  • Stipends
  • Transport
  • Health insurance
  • Research allowance might be given

Eligibility and selection criteria

  1. All persons including international students are free to apply
  2. This scholarship is competitive, so you must make sure you get every of your documents complete
  3. Must have an English language proficiency test, like IELTS and TOEFL
  4. Must possess at least a high school diploma for undergraduate program in law
  5. Must posses a bachelor’s degree for those interest in LL.M program
  6. Must possess at least a master’s degree for those interested in PhD program
  7. Must write a statement of purpose
  8.  Must provide a passport and means of identification
  9. Must have gained admission into the university of California, Berkeley
  10. For masters students, a detailed copy of the thesis proposal must be sent to the university along other documents
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Application Deadline: This scholarship is  still on make sure to apply for this scholarship is on make sure you apply before then.

Application Details:

This scholarship is applied entirely online, all her law scholarships are applied for only, make sure you apply, click here for details https://www.law.berkeley.edu/admissions/ , the only law scholarships applied online is African Legal Impact and Matching Consideration Scholarships.

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