Top 9 Dog Grooming Schools in Florida

Many dog lover’s, are unaware of schools that groom dogs in Florida,  this schools will train you to earn from taking care of dogs for people and organizations. Pets like dogs, cat , guinea pigs etc help you to gain empathy,  gives you a sense of empathy. Children owning pets  helps their development.  Adults who own pets are more . If you own a dog or have an intention of going to acquire one, then this post is for you, it well explains a grooming school and what it does.

Dog grooming involves hygienic care of dogs and cleanliness,  enhancing the physical appearance of the dogs for competition and show’s.  Currently dog grooming is taking the lead in the United States, as many persons need expert’s to take care of their furry friend.

Dog grooming schools will make you an expert in the field of dog grooming, many students get diploma and certificate after dog grooming classes.  And this will make you to stand out among your peers in the competitive dog grooming job market.

What is a dog grooming school?

This is an institution where you acquire the necessary skills, knowledge  and equipped with the necessary and basic techniques of taking care of dogs.  You become a professional in this area earning from it.

What are the Benefits of Dog Grooming Schools in Florida?

Many benefits are associated with studying in dog grooming school in Florida,  which includes

  • Financial Aid opportunities

Many of this dog grooming schools offer scholarship, loans and Grant’s to her students who wish to pursue this program.

  • Quality qualification

This program will give you the opportunity to groom and gain new skills,   and be in a competitive job.

  • Flexible learning Options

It gives you a flexible learning Options you can choose from, this will give you the opportunity to study at your pace and also still focus on your career.

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How long does it take to become a dog groomer in Florida

How many dog grooming schools are in Florida?

They’re about 11 dog grooming schools in Florida,  being a large state it has several institution like universities, community colleges etc

How do I become a dog groomer in Florida?

They is no pre Educational qualifications needed before one is enrolled in a dog grooming school,  it only needs your interest that’s all.  But you can become a dog groomer by enrolling in a dog grooming school or becoming an apprentice. But it’s better going through a dog grooming school.

Top 9 best Dog grooming school

  • Dog Grommer Academy

This is one of the best dog grooming academy in Florida,  it provides her students with an  advanced knowledge of dog grooming.  They provide you with knowledge of how to care for a dog, how to run a full dog grooming business,  they award professional dog Grommer diploma.

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  • Animal Behavior College (ABC)
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This institution was established in 1998,  it offers certification to students both online and on campus,  her online education makes you avail yourself with dog groomers to gain a hands-on experience. Making you apply your theories to practical.  Tuition fee ranges from $3799- $6,195.

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  • Academy of Animal science and Art’s

This Florida dog grooming academy offers program in about 6 dog grooming course’s,  the programs are  Junior Groomer, Kennel Technician, Basic Groomer, Professional Pet Groomer, Advanced Groomer, and Master Groomer.   This program is completed in 2 months.

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  • Merry field school of pet grooming

This institution offers flexible program for students’, it makes them to study  either evening or morning program. Giving them opportunity to choose which option suits them, it prepared her students for a career as top groomers,  which includes learning how to work with grooming equipment, dealing with customers, cleaning ear canals, and combing, First aids and brushing fur to remove tangles. It takes up to 10 months.

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  • Golden paws dog grooming school

This school uses the guidelines of the national top dog grooming instructors to shape and build up her students in areas like quality styling, skills, outline shaping, blending, balance, and proportion, and how to apply those skills to breed design, control methods, proper handling, and speed techniques. Students are made to know the basics of dog breeding and dog grooming business

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  • Woof Gang Academy of grooming

This is one of the dog grooming world class schools, that  trains her students to understand the basics of business, and interrelate his knowledge with practice, especially in the area of dog grooming

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  • Pets playground grooming school 

This institution also offers a cat grooming program as well, it is one of the famous in Florida.  The following languages are the medium of instructions, English  and Spanish, and literature is also made known to her students.  Those who wish to gain skills can also enroll in a weekend programs

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  • All about dog grooming 

This institution has specialist who groom her students, it takes about 90 days or 365 days to complete your course and get certificate.  This institution will equip you with skills to professionally bath, clip, and scissor-style or more than 30 common dog breeds and mixes.

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  • Afurdable Pet Grooming School& Resort

This institution offers her students with a hands on and her students gets to chose which area of dog grooming they wish to enroll in, which includes Professional Groomer, Assistant Groomer, or Just for Fun-Groom.

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