Top Nursing Universities And Colleges In Texas USA

  1. University of Texas at Austin

One of the major priorities of this university is  community service. Based on this, there is no better way to show forth this than through its nursing program (given the fact that the profession is generally associated with help and care). The Bachelor of nursing program is arguably the largest program at the University. Hence, applications are astronomical and spots are limited. Inspite of these limited spots, this school is a good pick because its annual tuition is about $10,000. If you have an optimistic mindset coupled with wonderful grades, the University of Texas at Austin is the place for you. It is indeed a citadel of geniuses.

  1. Schreiner University

Schreiner University is owned by the Presbyterian church. It was officially commissioned in the year 1923. Due to its high standards, graduates of this school usually don’t have problems securing jobs. Its annual tuition is quite on the high side, hence many students rely on scholarship schemes and educational grants to sustain their studentship. Its annual tuition fee is about $25,000. If you are personal lover of church owned schools, then Schreiner University is the way to go.

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  1. Texas Christian University

Considering the fact that Texs Christian University is a private university, the cost of tuition is very high. However when a juxtaposition of price to commodity is made, everyone can agree that the high cost is worth it. One major highlight of this University is the fact that students start having clinical assignments and experiences right from their second year. Its only downside is the very expensive tuition of over $40,000. If you’re buoyant enough not to care about costs, then this is the best pick for you. Quality for price at its very best.

  1. Texas A&M University

Among all the schools listed here, the Texas A&M has the best performance in the annual NCLEX exam. Its returns are nearly infallible. It has a unique system of learning such that students can take courses in and out of seasons. Consequently, they stand a chance of graduating before peers who started at the same time. In terms of tuition, it’s the median on this list. A personal favourite for me with annual tuition of around $11,000. You should certainly check this one out if you’re one who is eager to conclude studies in record time.

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  1. University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas in Arlington has a staggering number of students on its rollcall. This is because its structure gives room not only for conventional courses but also for online students. Hence, distance learning makes up a bulk of its students. As usual, the program takes four years but online students will still need to appear for clinical duties physically. Meaning that technically, they are also regular students. Whichever way, its nursing degree program is highly affordable. Infact, of all the schools on our list, this is the cheapest of all with tuition of about $9,000.

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