Top Secrets to Winning Scholarships to Study in Canada

Top Secrets to Winning Scholarships to Study in Canada

  • Work On Yourself:

Conquer the battles of the mind. Fight the voices of self-doubt, because if you doubt yourself, who will believe in you?. Believe that you are possible, you are worth it! As you look out for scholarship activities or financial aid opportunities, ensure you have a right and a positive attitude towards it. Please don’t fail or disqualify yourself before applying. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

  • Early Application:

Endeavor to show up on time for every scholarship application. They may be a thousand applicants that are eligible and applying early may give you an edge over them. Apart from this, ensure your source for as many opportunities as possible. Don’t put all eggs in a basket. Try several other opportunities. You can create a timetable or a workable plan where you plan time to source for scholarship opportunities. In fact, take it up as an assignment, or homework to do. Ensure you submit all the requirements and learn to position yourself for opportunities. Don’t let anyone slip off your hands. Don’t come rather too late.

  • Meet The Expectations Of The Scholarship Board:

Get sufficient information on what the scholarship body expects. Check their eligibility requirements and criteria. Get the frequently asked questions. Meticulously read the mode of candidate evaluation. Know what is expected of you and act accordingly. You wouldn’t want to rush over details.

  • Appear Like The Best Option:
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Ask yourself why me? Why should I be the one to be selected for the scholarship? While answering this question, try to be professional. You are free to blow your trumpet, it’s okay to show you are good at a thing. Please, your social media handles should be as professional as possible. Ensure you have valuable content there and not impeding and unwarranted contents. You never know whether the scholarship board will go through your handles. I’m sure you won’t want that to disqualify you.

  • Use a Scholarship Search Engine:

Please don’t delve into scholarship search without being strategic or specific in planning. Google will give you varieties; ensure you put specific keywords. For e.g the cities, the amount of the advantages from the application you seek. Check the University or scholarship website it will give a lot of resources on scholarships and other financial aid institutions.

  • Opt For a Scholarship With Essays:

People tend to ignore or avoid this but please, if you are serious about having a chance, try your hands on them. Put in your efforts, put in your best. Before starting an application, understand your audience. Look at what’s the organization does. Its mission, vision, and goals. If there’s a chance, you can  reflect them in your essay. Take time to analyze the topic and try to answer according to the specifics of the question. Try and stick to the question while answering it. Be precise, concise, and avoid being ambiguous or vague.

  • Submit An Error-Free Application:
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You should be excellence-driven in your application. After writing your essay, you can outsource it to the editor to critically view and check all the spelling errors and grammar mix. On another hand, if you can’t afford an editor, print the workout, read audibly, read it word for word and ensure you correct every error. Grammarly app can help you check up grammar, punctuation, or space errors. Remember, you’re competing with others and your work cannot afford not to be thorough. A few punctuation errors can cost you a fortune.

  • Engage In Community Services Or Development:

One of the ways to do this is by volunteering. Garner experience  helping in community development, helping NGOs and non-profits, helping your local worship center, etc. Document the role you played, the contribution you made there, the meaningful and significant projects you undertook. Volunteering is the new working experience, please volunteer for a just cause. It must not always be a success story. You can explain, how you were able to encourage your team after a downtime. Or how all hopes were lost but you stayed through. Whatever and however you want to put it, be real and distinct. Include a plan for giving back to your community or group, whether or not the scholarship requires it. Pinpoint how you will bring back your experience to help others. Let them know and feel that you have the scholarship will also be beneficial to your people.

  • Serve Your Story With Passion:
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In your writing, avoid being generic and usual. You have a voice, you have a story. You are exceptional. Don’t say ” I have always wanted to school abroad” or “I just want to change my environment”  Talk about how you’ve always read of Canada and their beautiful way of life as a child and since then,  you have always fantasized schooling there. Talk about how you befriended a Canadian citizen that visited your country in a Mall. Whatever story you have, be real, and passionate about it. Let the voice be heard on the script of your story. Its human beings that will review your application and you have to appeal to their emotions.

  • Pay Attention To Details:

Those details you are avoiding may be needful. Always know that excellence pays attention to details. Don’t be half hazard in your application. Answer the optional questions, that’s a way of going one step ahead of others. Endeavor to reference your letter. A letter written specifically to what you are applying for should bear the address of the scholarship board or council. Desist from using ” to whom it may concern” and all that. Try and be relatable it depicts excellence. Good luck.

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