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Top Universities in Texas With no Application Fee

The lone star state is one of the most popular States, in the united states as regards students application, which is why many students are asking for the list of the top universities in Texas without application fee,  links to each of the universities website has been provided for you to explore every information you need.


Many of the applicants are always fond of asking this questions

How Many Universities and Colleges are in Texas?

Texas alone has about 37 universities, 50 community colleges with multiple locations,  10 health related program, 10 health related institutions and about 42 independent institutions, making it have a total of 148 higher institutions of learning.

How is Texas in Terms of Education and International Students?

Texas is a city and state that welcomes all, her universities are among the best, and this state is among the States with the lowest unemployment rate in the united states. Her universities are so built and structured to encourage entrepreneurship.

  • Trinity University

Location: San Antonio, TX

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Website: http://www.trinity.edu/

This university is a private non profit  university,  it offers about 49 majors and 61 Major’s, this university  2,300 undergraduate and 200 graduate students, it  offers scholarship based on merit, and they’re several of them, it has scholarships,  despite this university doesn’t have initial application fee, but on getting admission her students are required to pay an acceptance fee of $500,  before a given date.

  • Southwestern University

Location: Georgetown Texas

Website: https://www.southwestern.edu/admission/

This university is the oldest university in Texas,  it offers about 40 bachelors degree, doesn’t have any application fee for her applicants, it also offers several scholarship to her fresh and deserving students,  they’re several scholarship opportunities based on merit offered to students here, and they’re offered to everyone irrespective of gender, color, sex, race, religion, origin etc.

  • LeTourneau University

Location:  long view Texas

Website: https://www.letu.edu/global-initiatives/office-of-international-studies.html

This private university has an open application process for both international and united states citizens,  it charges no applied fee for them, and has several  scholarship it awards to her fresh and eligible students,  it has students from about 30 different countries.

  • Austin College

Location:  shearman, Texas

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Website: https://www.austincollege.edu/admission/international-students/

This is a private liberal arts,  has affiliation with the Presbyterian church,  it has an open application process and doesn’t charge her students application fee,  it has several scholarship opportunities it offer’s her students various scholarships both her international and united states citizens. And also financial grants and assistance.

  • St Mary’s University

Location:  San Antonio Texas

Website: http://www.stmarytx.edu/

This is a private university, owned by the roman Catholic church,  her students population of about 4000, spread across College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; School of Science, Engineering and Technology; the Greehey School of Business; and the  School of Law,  it has an open application process, and it doesn’t accept application.  It accepts students irrespective of faith or religion.

  • University of St Thomas

Location: Houston Texas

Website: https://www.stthomas.edu/admissions/index.html

This university is Private Catholic coeducational higher education institution and    is among those institutions with no application fee, it has many scholarships available to students who wish to study in the university based on merit.

  • Northwest Vista College

Location:  San Antonio

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Website: https://www.alamo.edu/nvc/

This university operates an open application process, and it awards her students scholarship, it does not have  application fee.  Majority of her scholarships are based on merit.

  • Texas A&M International University

Location: Loredo Texas

Website: https://www.tamiu.edu/admissioninfo.shtml

This is a public research university, and it has many scholarships available to students, and it doesn’t accept application fee for her students, who wish to study they.  It has many open doors for international students, and her fresh men students.

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