Top 10 Tuition Free Universities and Colleges in USA and How to Apply Each

Most applicants who are not buoyant enough to pay their tuition fee’s in a four year college are always on the lookout for universities with cheap and affordable tuition fee’s, in order to ease their burden we decided to compile a list of the Top ten tuition free universities and colleges in USA and how to apply each,  and this institutions most of them even give stipends to her students, and are among the best, the list is below.

  1. Webb Institute
  2. College of the Ozarks
  3. Curtis Institute of Music
  4. City University of New York (CUNY)
  5. U.S. Academies
  6. State of Washington Universities
  7. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
  8. Deep Springs College
  9. Berea College
  10. Alice Lloyd College

Most applicants are also fond of asking questions below

Are there Tuition Free Universities in the USA?

They are many tuition free universities located in the US, majority of them international students pay 50% , while nationals are tuition free, while some like Webb’s international students pay their tuition fee’s,  and so many other institutions offer scholarships to her students.

How Can One Study in the United States of America For Free?

This question is one of the most asked questions by international students, this article on Top ten tuition free universities and colleges in USA and how to apply each, has links to each of the institutions with aims of guiding you to the universities website, and lots of US, universities attract students through scholarships, in order to apply make sure your details are complete.

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How Can I Get Full Scholarships to Study in the United States of America USA?

Everyone wants a scholarship to study in the united states of America, but not everyone knows the best step to take, before you apply for any scholarships you should first know where to start from, that is going to a good blog with the authentic news,  getting updated online, getting all your documents ready and  prepare a good statement of purpose,  finally be motivated.

  • Webb Institute

Location: Glen Cove, New York


This university is a private research institute, specialized in the field of engineering, it administers and gives one of the best education to her students, it offers her students with accommodation, and allows them participate in paid internships, despite her  tuition free nature.

  • College of the Ozarks

Location: point lookout Missouri


This university is a private Christian liberal arts university, and as a result of her 15 hours of work was nicknamed hard work U,  it has Art’s,  engineering and science course’s, where it offers majors in about 30 fields in the area’s of bachelor of Art’s, bachelor of science and bachelor of engineering, most popular courses are business, teaching, criminal justice. It helps students to part time jobs too.

  • Curtis Institute of Music

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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This special institute  offers program in music aimed at training her graduates to develop interest in an area of music, it awards diploma, certificate, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.  Its fields are music opera, hip hop, jazz etc.  Full scholarship’s are offered to students on admission.

  • City University of New York (CUNY)

Location: New York city


This is a popular institution in the united states and it was established in 1961,  it is made up of 24 college’s which is split into 11 senior colleges, 7 community colleges, 1 undergraduate honors university, and 7 postgraduate institutions.  Students are offered full time jobs and scholarships here on getting admission.

  • U.S. Academies

The united states of America has about 5 military academies, which includes the following, and students are offered scholarships when they get admitted into any of them.

  1. U.S. Military Academy
  2. U.S. Air Force Academy
  3. U.S. Naval Academy
  4. U.S. Coast Guard Academy
  5. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy


  • State of Washington Universities

Almost all the universities located in the state of Washington are tuition free or  charge low tuition fee’s to her students, it also offers this program for nationals and international students as well. The universities located in Washington are

  • American University
  • Bay Atlantic University
  • Catholic University of America
  • Gallaudet University Private
  • George Washington University
  • Georgetown University
  • Howard University
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  • Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Location: Needham Massachusetts


This university is a special and popular private university in engineering, and   it is a space grant university,  and was established in 1997 currently it has a students population if about 390,  it offers program in computer, mechanical, electrical engineering.  It gives her students 50% tuition.

  • Deep Springs College

Location: Deep spring, California


This is a small private liberal arts college, with a students population of about 30, her students transfer to a 4 year college to complete their degree,  it was established in 1917.

  • Berea College

Location:  Kentucky


This university was established in 1885, as a coeducational and racial integrative liberal Arts college,   it has affiliation with the Presbyterian and is a space grant university,   this university offers her students with scholarships worth more than $25000 which will cover  food, room, and board etc.

  • Alice Lloyd College

Location: Pippa Passes, Kentucky


This university was established in  1923 as a private work university,  it currently offers about 18 major degree and 8 pre professional program in business, manufacturing, family studies, and human development etc, it also allows her students work 10- 20 hours a day to pay their Bill’s.

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