USA scholarships for International Students 2024

USA scholarships for international students is a scholarship whose main aim is to help the non-financially bouyant get quality education in a good learning environment for free.

There are many scholarships in the world which consist of different ways of applications and requirements. The USA scholarship is a Fully funded scholarship for all students around the world.

There are also other scholarships available, from academic merit scholarships to sports scholarships to awards for students who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills. So whatever your area of interest, there’s likely to be a scholarship that matches your needs.

List of USA scholarships for international students 2024

Treasure Scholarship at Boise State University

The Boise State University Scholarship is a Fully funded scholarship for international students all over the world. This scholarship is only for undergraduate students who are keen on getting their Bachelor’s Degree.

The scholarship covers the total of $8,460 for every academic year which might likely cover Tuition fees and accommodation.

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University of New Haven Scholarship

This Scholarship is available at the New Haven university and is a fully funded scholarship which covers 75% of Tuition fees and and hourly assistance wage.

It is only available for Masters Students who wants to study in the USA.

University of Memphis Scholarship

The University Of Memphis Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship at the prestigious Memphis University located in Tennessee.

USA scholarships for international students

The Amount the scholarship covers varies as Lucky Students might get a lifetime Sponsorship while others might get 50% funds.

Yale University Scholarship

The Yale University Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for all international students ranging from the Undergraduate, Masters and PhD programs.

The scholarship varies from a thousand dollars to over $70,000.

Fulbright Scholarship

The Fulbright Scholarship is a scholarship any student would wish for, as it covers many expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance and airfare.

The scholarship is only available to Masters and PhD programs as undergraduate programs are not included.

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Stanford University Scholarship

This scholarship is also a very good and excellent scholarship as it covers tuition fees, traveling allowances, accomodations, living allowances and many more.

The Stanford University Scholarship is only open to Masters and PhD seekers.

Other Scholarships Includes

USA Scholarships for International Students

1. The Fulbright Scholarship Program

2. The Rhodes Scholarship

3. The Marshall Scholarship

4. The Gates Millennium Scholarship

5. The Mitchell Scholarship

6. The Schwarzman Scholarship

7. The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

8. The APIASF scholarship

9. The Rotary Peace Fellowship

10. The Coca-Cola Scholars Program

How To  Apply for a scholarship In USA as International Student

The application process vary from scholarship to scholarship, but typically you’ll need to provide information about your academic history, your current financial situation, and why you want to study in the United States. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and submit all the required documents on time.

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This list provides the top 15 USA scholarships for international students. All of these scholarships are available for students who are not U.S. citizens and who are not permanent residents of the United States.

The application processes and deadlines for these scholarships vary, so it is important that you do your research and apply for the scholarships that best match your qualifications.

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