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15 Top High Schools in Scarborough Canada

One of the advantages of studying in one of the top high schools in Scarborough is that you stand a chance of being a step above other students who are also seeking admission into colleges/universities. Scarborough is a reputable place in Canada that anywhere you go with a Scarborough certificate, you will be recognized. So, … Read more

15 Cheapest Online MBA in Canada

Do you know that you can stay at home, or anywhere in the world and have an online MBA in Canada cheap from an accredited school without having to visit the campus or being absent from your work? Although most of the online courses are always expensive more than what the students pay on campuses, … Read more

University Of Toronto Scholarship Program

Speaking of a prestigious public research university, the University of Toronto is one, whose significance cannot be overlooked. It remains Canada’s top institution and has produced more than 560,000 graduates. This Institution has shaped several notable individuals, amongst them are governor-generals, prime ministers and heads of states. The University of Toronto (formerly called King’s College) … Read more

13 Top Government Colleges in Canada

Are you looking for just any government colleges in Canada? or you are looking for top government colleges in Canada? well, the two questions may sound the same but there are kind of different needs, and I am not sure you are looking for the first one. why you shouldn’t go for the first one … Read more

How to Study in Canada, Work, and Immigrate

Canada is a country known for its natural beauty, diverse culture, welcoming people, and high quality of life. It is also considered one of the best countries in the world to study, work, and immigrate to. With its top-ranked universities, strong economy, and well established immigration system, Canada offers numerous opportunities for individuals looking to … Read more

Scholarships To Study In Canada

Canada is a dream country of every prospective international student, due to its international friendly system of education, but many prospective aspirants become frustrated at the high tuition fee and cost of living in Canada, which is why we decided to write this article to present the different study scholarships available to international students both … Read more

Top 10 Unclaimed Scholarships in Canada

Unclaimed Scholarships in Canada

It may come as a shocker there are a massive number of Unclaimed Scholarships in Canada. However, they are tagged “unclaimed” because scholarships are available but not claimed by students. This article gives an eye-opening sneak peek into these Scholarships and provides detailed requirements to claim them. Read through the end. Canada has proven several times … Read more

10 Worst High Schools in Canada

Worst High Schools in Canada

The ranking of schools is prepared according to the annual ranking from the Fraser Institute. It’s important to note that Canadian high schools are ranking among the very best high schools across the world and in general, Canada is actually among the most sort after country for students around the world now with international students … Read more