5 Best Engineering Schools In Canada With  Scholarships

Engineering is one of the core professions in the World today, a branch of Science and technology concerned with the use of Engines, machines, design and structure.

Have you being looking for the best Schools in the World to study Engineering?  

Canada, certainly is the best schooling country for Engineering courses that provides you with wide  range of academic and professional programs.

Canada is an Appealing place for international students wishing to study Engineering as a course. With  the help of this article you’ll get to Know the best Engineering schools in Canada.

Best Engineering schools In Canada 

After, a thorough research on the best Engineering schools in Canada. I have great news for you!. Here is  a full compiled list of 5 best Engineering schools in Canada:

  • University of Alberta
  • The University of British Columbia, faculty of engineering
  • University of waterloo
  • University of Ottawa
  • Simon Fraser University

The University of Alberta, is one of the top 5 best engineering Schools in Canada with the best  facilities that serves aspiring engineering students with what the need in the field of engineering  program.


The University of Alberta is one of the top 5 best engineering Schools in Canada with the best  facilities, that serves aspiring engineering students with what the need in the field of  engineering program.

With a conducive environment, you’ll focus more on your studies and actualize your academic  goals .

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Been among the best engineering Schools in Canada ,the University of Alberta, faculty of  engineering, have series of scholarships awards that worth millions of dollars.

Scholarship Opportunities By University Of Alberta

  1. Entrance Awards : These are awards ,given to students with strong academic abilities because it  is highly competitive. The award is only for first -year engineering students in the University of  Alberta who came out from high school.
  2. Transfer Awards: These are awards given to engineering students in Canada with a study  permit.
  3. External Awards: These awards are quite extensive for Students in Canada and application  closure vary.

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The University of British Columbia also known as UBC in short form, is one of the top-notch engineering  Universities in Canada.

An institution of learning, where you find renowned professors, lecturers ,that helps in impacting  positive knowledge to you ,so that you’ll stand on a solid foundation in the field of engineering.

They renowned professors, researchers and lecturers assist engineering students in carrying out their  research works and theories and bringing it into actualization.

The University of British Columbia, also awards Scholarship opportunities to students pursuing an  engineering course.

Scholarship Opportunities By UBC

  1. Engineering Scholarship for innovation: This Scholarship is only given to students who possess  strong academic abilities, with a good leadership role . The scholarship worth $5000 ,but you  can renew it at the end of your study program.
  2. Women in Engineering Entrance Scholarship: This Scholarship is for only domestic female  Students who wants to pursue an undergraduate degree in engineering course, with good  academic performance gets the Scholarship. The amount for this engineering Scholarship is  $10000.
  3. Flour women in Engineering Entrance Awards: This award is for domestic female Students, who are entering the engineering course from high school and with good academic abilities. The  scholarship award amount is $10000.
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The University of Waterloo is an institution of innovative specialization , the University is one of  Canada’s largest engineering Schools .

The institution provides state -of -the art computers for engineering students, which helps them  in proper research of Engineering works.

With a record of 36,626 Students ,the University is one of the top Universities in North – America . A citadel of great learning and a Giant of Science and engineering works.

The University of Waterloo have numerous Scholarship awards that are not applicable and only  accessible to Postgraduate students who wants to pursue an engineering program.

Scholarship Opportunities By University Of Waterloo

  1. Merit Scholarship 
  2. President Scholarship 
  3. Alumni and Donors 

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University of Ottawa is one of the best engineering Schools in Canada. The University is known as the  World’s largest bilingual University, offering wide range of engineering programs for Students.

The University provides International Students with external opportunities, which helps you to improve  your performance and competitive advantage in the engineering field.

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There are different engineering programs in the University of Ottawa ,they include:

  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemical engineer
  • Computer science
  • Electrical engineering

Scholarship Opportunity By University of Ottawa

  1. Engineering memorial Scholarship: This Scholarship is for both domestic and International  female Students with an academic excellence . The scholarship amount is $2000.

Simon Fraser University is one of the 13 best Universities in Canada offering engineering courses. With  facilities that provides a wide range of education productivity .

SFU engineering graduates, are globally recognized because, of the institution’s high reputation . Simon Fraser University is the best school in Canada you can study an engineering course in ,because the  impact to students the requisite skills and ideas in Engineering field of study.

SFU also offers some engineering related courses such as:

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Mining engineering
  • Nuclear engineering
  • Sound engineering

Scholarship Opportunities By Simon Fraser University

  1. Graduate Dean’s Entrance Scholarship Competition: This Scholarship is for both domestic and  International Students with strong academic abilities and only for incoming PhD students. 2. Graduate and Post- doctoral studies: This particular Scholarship is only for Students with  outstanding academic performance and the duration of this Scholarship vary.

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