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15 Cheapest Online MBA in Canada

Do you know that you can stay at home, or anywhere in the world and have an online MBA in Canada cheap from an accredited school without having to visit the campus or being absent from your work?


Although most of the online courses are always expensive more than what the students pay on campuses, there are still cheaper ones and the problem is how do you find one? Now let me walk you through. In this article, I will be listing out some cheapest online MBA in Canada you can enroll in and also give you some guides. You like the sound of that right? Okay let’s continue.

Is Online MBA Respected?

As long as you choose an accredited and recognized online MBA to study, it is completely respected and valued be it obtained through online learning or offline, the same value goes.

Do You Need IELTS for an Online MBA in Canada?

When it comes to Online MBA in Canada, there is no minimum IELTS result but to stand a better chance, you must make sure that you score at least 6.5.

Below here is the list of the 15 cheapest online MBA in Canada you can ever think of;

  • Athabasca University

If you are looking for the best, Athabasca University is the best and the leading online MBA in Canada and also one of the cheapest that is fully accredited and recognized both in Canada and in the United States.

Each program offered in the school is relevant to today’s work environment.

Some of the programs offered are.

  1. Doctor of Business Administration which is a 21 credits unit program.
  2. Doctor of Education (EdD) in Distance Education 18 credits
  3. Master of Arts in Adult education 33 credits
  4. Master of Arts in Writing and New Media 33 credits
  5. Master of Counseling (MC) 36 credits
  6. Information Technology etc
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The school has about four branches both in Canada and in the United States.

Tuition: CAD 48,865 For 2 Years plus 6 months

To know more about the University or the courses, visit the school official website below

Website: https://www.athabascau.ca

Phone: 1-800-788-9041

  • Amberton University

If you are looking for a more flexible online MBA as a family person but with excellent academics, Amberton will be the right Online MBA in Canada to choose from.

It is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and also recognized by the United States Department of Education.

To obtain an MBA at Amberton University either online or on campus, you must ensure that you have at least a minimum of 3.0 GPA before sending your application.

To enroll in the school, you are entitled to pay $795 per course

Tuition: $4,770 per year.

Visit the school official site; https://www.amberton.edu/

Phone: 972-279-6511

  • Whitman School of Management

Whitman is also known as Syracuse University is ranking as the Top 77 best Business Schools in and outside of Canada and then top 35 in their Online MBA programs.

Cost; $84,186 For 24 months.

For more enquiring, visit the official website: https://whitman.syr.edu/

  • Thompson Rivers University; 

Tuition costs CAD 29,230 to complete 2 years program

For more enquiring, visit the official website: https://www.tru.ca/.

  • McMaster University

CA$19,164 complete

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For more enquiring, visit the official website: https://www.mcmaster.ca/.

  • University Canada West

It is a highly reputable university in Canada that accepts both international and residence students.

Just as the school is highly respected and recognized in the world, so are their online MBA programs.

You spend CAD 23,400 as tuition at the end of 24 months of the program. which happens to be lower compared to other highly respected schools in Both Canada and outside Canada.

For more enquiring, visit the official website: https://www.ucanwest.ca/

  • Laurentian University 

The tuition fee is CAD 24,795

Phone: 1.800.461.4030

Website: https://laurentian.ca/

  • University of Regina

To get into the University of Regina a GMAT minimum of 500 is required both in the MBA and in Post-Graduate Diploma.

The campus is located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Tuition Fee: CAD$7,090 a yearly payment

Website: https://www.uregina.ca/

  • University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is one of the top-ranking intensive research universities in Canada which is fully accredited in the following subject areas.

Biological Science, Business, Environment & Agriculture, Engineering and Physics Science, Social & Applied Human Sciences, Food, Veterinary Medicine, Arts, etc.

Apart from being one of the ranking school, it is also one of the top accredited university in Canada that accepts international students both into its Online and Campus programs

Tuition Fee: CAD$7,720 Yearly

Website: https://www.uoguelph.ca/

  • Queen’s University

As the name implies, Queen’s University is one of the most top public research universities in Kingston, Ontario, Canada with over 24, 123 students already enrolling the school’s main campus.

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Tuition: CA$106,000 for the complete program

Website: https://www.queensu.ca/

  • Royal Roads University

One of the top online MBA courses at Royal Roads University in business administration. it was founded in the year 1995 as a public school in Canada.

It is fully accredited by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

Tuition: $48,150 (18 months)

Website: https://www.royalroads.ca/

  • The University of Fredericton

The school was founded in the year 2005 as one of the online non-profit private universities in the country.

UFred offers both MBA and Executive MBA, etc

The tuition fee is CAD 24,500

Website: https://ufred.ca/

  • Brock University

Some MBA programs run by the school are.

Master of Public Health

Master of Business Administration

Note: to be accepted into any of these programs both online and offline, you must have a minimum of 6.5 in your IELTS and at least 72 in your English test.

Tuition Fee: CAN $3,099.73 per half a credit

The school campus details:

Address: St. Catharine’s Campus,1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way, ST. CATHARINES, Ontario (ON), L2S 3A1, Canada

Website: https://brocku.ca/

  • Dalhousie University

It is also one of the accredited and recognized public universities that are founded in Nova Scotia, Canada that runs both Offline and online MBA in Canada.

Tuition Fee: CAD$12,620 per year.

Website: https://www.dal.ca/

  • University of Alberta 

The University of Alberta is one of the 1st-100th best universities in the world.

The campus is located at 116 St & 85 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6G 2R3, Canada

CAD$10,210 Yearly, and CA$31,600-CA$73,700 Part-time and Executive for the complete program.

For more enquiring;

Website: https://www.ualberta.ca/

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