Cost of living for international students in Hungary 2024

Cost of living in Hungary for international students is not something aspiring student should bother about, as if you are new in looking for admission in Hungary, and you are worried about the cost of living In hungary as an international student, this article has been made solely for you.

Hungary offers one of the top best quality education in the world that’s why over 25,000 students apply for student visa to study in the country.

The country is known for its sophisticated learning equipment which Aids education and improve understanding of teachings taught in schools. For those who will likely like to study in Greece, we have written about cost of living for international students in Greece.

Cost of living for international students in Hungary 2024

Therefore, because of living in Hungary is cheap compared to other European countries such as Germany and France, A sum of 400 to 700 Euros should be enough for student accommodation, books and other basic utilities.

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Nevertheless the tuition fee in Hungary ranges from 2000 to 4000 euros per year depending on the institution as fees differs which might make others not up to the amount mentioned above.

Student accommodation ranges from 70,000 Huf to 90,000 Huf depending on the type of lifestyle, location and City the student wants to live. (HUF Stands for Hungarian forint, which is the official currency)

Cost of living for international students in Hungary

Other cities apart from Budapest and Debrecen are relatively cheap and affordable unlike larger Cities like Budapest the Country’s capital which Ranges from 150,000 to 200,000 HUF for well furnished apartments in a remote area.

Suburban cities in the country seems to be the cheapest as apartments cost below 50,000 HUF.

Cost of living for international students in Hungary


Students who decide to cook their meals at home are more likely to spend very low in feeding themselves unlike students who eat and dine in restaurants or make online order regularly.

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Shopping food items for cooking at home, would cost you 40,000 to 50,000 a month depending on the consumption of the student. While eating out ranges from 70,000 to 80,000.

The money spent might not be up to the ones mentioned above on food because individuals wants and tastes differs and depending on the consumption quantity of student.


Transportation expenses have been made less expensive because of the monthly bus ticket made available to purchase which costs 2000 to 3000 HUF.

Taxi and Uber are also very rampant in Budapest and slightly costlier than buses as many students find it more convenient, fast and reliable.

Other means of transportation are also available for use such as motorcycles, tricycles and many more to aid movement.

Medical Insurance

Medical or health insurance is very important to one’s life no matter the country in which one lives. Health insurance is very important in Hungary as an international student from non-european country. it is required that a student must obtain medical insurance before they arrive in Hungary.

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The health insurance helps cover all medical bills for the period of stay in the country.


Utility bills and price such as water, electricity and gas varies from season to season as prices in summer are less expensive in winter months. 10,000 Huf 2 20,000 Huf should be budgeted for utilities depending on usage, area and season.

There are three recognised telecommunication providers with different varieties of contract deals for prepaid and postpaid options respectively. Monthly fee for domestic calls and international call cost a total fee of 15 to 25 Euros per month.

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