Top Online Beauty Courses with Certificate

Becoming a beautician involves gaining knowledge of the human body, and these online beauty courses with Certificates are designed to help in your journey of becoming a beautician.

Indeed, the beauty industry keeps growing at an unstoppable fast pace, hence the increased need for Beauticians; there is no better time than NOW to join the moving train.

There are many ways to gain this knowledge;

  1. Enrol for full-time Makeup in a College
  2. Enrol for a Weekly or Monthly from Beauty Studios

But We Will Show you the “cheaper and easiest” way to learn these Beauty Courses at your home convenience. Not just Learning but with Credible Certificates as well.

Benefits of Beauty Online Studies?

  1. Physical looks and appearance significantly influence an individual’s self-esteem, Self-Worth, and overall outlook. However, when there is no pride in appearance, lack of motivation, enthusiasm, and depression becomes the order of the day.
  2. Flexibility; Freelancing as a beautician, you become your boss as you make your choice of jobs, learning from the comfort of your home.
  3. Financial Security; After learning no need for job hunting, every individual on the street is a potential client. So learn first and earn mega.
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Lists of Online Beauty Courses;

  1. Diploma in Makeup;

In this free online Diploma in Makeup Artistry course, discovery is made on eyeopening topics on makeup accessories like eye and facial beauty, foundation mixture, and managing your business smoothly.

  1. Makeup Application Training

This involves thorough training on how to apply to make up correctly and professionally. It affects one who wants to work as a makeup firm consultant, be a professional artist for films, movies. Etc Interesting fact is it requires no previous experience; you will be taught from scratch.

  1. Cosmetology Diploma

This Course involves;

Skin Types

Manicurist and Pedicurist

Skin Treatment

Skin Nutrition

4 Brow Shaping And Eyelash Tinting Course

This Course involves


brow lining

Lash lift and tinting

  1. Brow Lamination

this Course helps maintain messy eyebrows for your clients, uniquely doing so for two months. It includes;

Brow tinting

Brow shaping etc.

  1. Hair Training Course  (For Brides, Bridesmaid etc.)

This Course provides proper training on style hairs for weddings or other special occasions like evening dinner parties, tie-Occasions etc. This Course could be combined with the makeup course because one can handle both effortlessly by client request.

  1. Acrylic Nails Online Training;
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This is a well-sought treatment, as it is convenient and long-lasting for clients; the Course gives you insight into;

Acrylic Nail Making

Nail Maintenace

Nail Treatments and Mixtures.

Nail Enhancement

  1. Production of Natural Facial Oils

This provides explicit training on making facial oils.

How differentiate serums from facial oil

Understanding of Skin types

Make suitable Carrier oils for your clients

  1. Preservation of Cosmetics

The Courses includes;

Making of cosmetics

preservation of your organic, natural cosmetics.

Understand the different types of preserving cosmetics, both natural and Synthetic.

Protection of your cosmetics.

  1. Tattoo Online Training ;

this provides training on the different procedures as well as types of tattoos available;

Lip Tattoo

Machines or devices used for tattoos

Hand Poke Tattoo

Maintenace of tattoos

Tatoo Patterns

  1. Wig Making Courses

You will be taught the various wig process like;

human hair wig making

Lace wigs

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Enable ventilation on wigs made etc

  1. Body Bath Production
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Production of your bath products

Mixtures of bath ingredients

Creation of spa products

Bath colours, fragrances as well as recipes.

13 Hair Wefting Course

will be taught on;

Wefting Processes

Machines for Wefting Procedures

14 Massage Online Course

this will tutor you on the process of;

Different types of massage

Become a massage therapists

Help in minor ailments like stress, fatigue, muscle pulls and aches etc.

All of these beauty courses and much more unmentioned taken online provide Certificates after the Course, So jump on the horse and move on the moving Industry.

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