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Cost Of Living In Greece For International Students 2023

If you want to study in Greece, the popular place known as the cradle of civilization the home of the great Socrates here is a detailed explanation of the cost of living in Greece for international students. Do you think it is affordable, how expensive is it to study in Greece? let me be your guide.


Cost Of Living In Greece For International Students

Cost Of Living In Greece For International Students 2023

Tertiary institution

Registration Fees

As many schools around the world have acceptance fee which is otherwise known as registration fees so is also applicable in Greece as the School might ask you to deposit a certain amount for registration fees.

This money or amount of money varies from institution to institution and the choice of course one is to study.

Transport Fare

As you all know that the only route to Greece is through air and to get there a student must get a Ticket which is likely to cost around 800 to 1000 Euros depending on the country of residence.

Tuition fees

Public Universities

Student from the European Union are privileged as they don’t pay tuition fees in public universities located in Greece for undergraduate or bachelor’s degree.

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Master degree seekers are not also left out of this bonus as they also enjoy the privilege of free education in the public Universities with a few exceptions from courses such as medicine business and order professional courses as they are estimated to cost about 1000 Euros per year for both indigenous and non-indigenous.

Private Universities

Non-european Union students and European Union students are treated equally in the aspect of fees as indigenous and non-indigenous paid the same amount of school fees which is approximated to be around 10,000 Euros per year or more.

This fee depends on the type of course you study, the length of your stay and specialization as the fee can be affected by this conditions to increase or decrease.

Student cost of living in Greece

Known as one of the most affordable European destination of study for international students, total budget of 450 to 750 Euros per month should be enough. Although cost of lifestyle and choices also affects the budget to increase or decrease.

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European Union countries tend to enjoy more benefits such as currency exchange as they don’t need to change their currency. This also affects the cost of living as Euro is the official currency of European Union.

Non European Union students are advice to make their budget with calculation including Greece official currency which is the euro; The stronger currency is the lower the fees you pay and vice versa.

Accommodation cost

When it comes to accommodation; choices, taste and lifestyle of students affect the price of accommodation including the area or location of the apartment. Students are advised to share their apartments with other students in order to reduce the accommodation fees.

One bedroom apartment costs 250 to 450 euros in the heart of the city

One bedroom apartment outskirt the city costs 200 to 350 euros

There bedroom apartment in the heart of the city costs 500 to 600 euros

Three bedroom apartment costs 450 to 600 euros outskirt the city.

You are advised to budget 80 to 140 Euros for utility bills monthly.

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Cost of food

Student who cook their food at home are likely to spend less than those who eat in restaurants or fast foods.

The total sum of 200 Euros per month should be budgeted for students who prefer cooking their food at home and €500 for students who eat in restaurants.


A total of 30 euros per month for public transport with a discounted rate of 15 euros only applicable to students.

Students enjoy bonuses and reduction in price when they require the service of public buses in Greece.

Taxi cost 3.50 years as a starting fee and then one euro per km as Time goes On.

Other expenses include

Medical insurance fee which is only needed ban on European Union student as it depends on personal insurance plan and some medical services that have to be covered e t c

Student visa which is only needed by non-european Union students which cost a total of 90 euro.

Entertainment such as cinema theatre concerts and many more which should cost around 40 to 80 euros per month.

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