Top 10 Community Colleges in Canada for International Students

Often times many persons who can’t afford a four year college while traveling outside the country, seek for community college,  and in Canada they’re some community college that has international students friendly policies, which is why we have decided to compile a list of the Top 10 community colleges in Canada for international students, in the course of this work we will be answering some questions international students and everyone ask about community college.

Do Community College Award Degrees?

In Canada due to regional regulations, some community college offers bachelor’s degree, instead of the associate degree, certificate, diploma etc. associated with community college. The diploma awarded by community college can be used to gain work, after graduation and still complete your remaining 2 years in the university.

Are Community College Ideal for International Students?

Lots of persons are against the idea of international students enrolling in community college, reason being that immigration officials may consider you unserious, due to the affordable tuition fee of this institutions, to them you’re looking for a way to come and work illegally, unless you have a local support. They always prefer international students applying for a four-year college, since most of her institutions give accommodation for the first year for international students.

While community college despite its low cist gets support from her local district, and many communities college provides international students with the necessary support in terms of jobs and career building option’s.

Can an International Students get Admission in a Canadian Community College?

Yes, lots of Canadian community college, accepts international students, they provide them with low tuition fee, and have support services to help them gain skills and knowledge required to be proficient in their professions, international students in Canadian community college are always given preferential support.

  • Humber College

Location: Etobicoke, Canada

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This community college was founded in 1966, it offers about 95 degrees and social options in social, business, communication, engineering, life sciences, art and social science.  It offers career inclined programs where it places emphasis on practical experience with industries, laboratories and also prepares her students for university degree through her general science course’s, to get admitted candidates must provide a baccalaureate degree, passport, English language proficiency test, and a registration fee of about $ 75.

This institution has generated $750,000 in 2007 to support international students, to get something while they return back to their home countries.

  • Seneca College

Location: Toronto, Canada


This community college offers about 290-degree, certificate, diploma, and more than 500 career options, students will benefit from hands-on, hands-on learning, expert teaching faculty, and high-tech facilities, in order to make her tuition affordable it runs a partnership with various leading companies.  It offers about 140 courses.

  • George Brown College

Location: Toronto Canada


This community college has a great reputation among other community college, as regards her efforts to make her students ready for any job, and also through her entrepreneur courses makes them self-reliant, and business minded.  Her programs are reviewed to suit the technological advancement in the field of business and is planned with guidance and collaboration of business leaders.

  • The Algonquin College

Location: Ottawa, Ontario province, Canada

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This institution has active and diverse course’s, it has undergraduate, diploma and postgraduate courses, its utilizes her location being in the capital of Canada to gain knowledge required to gain real life experience through interaction with companies and training opportunities, in order to make her students ready for today’s employment it reviews her course work.

  • Centennial College

Location: Scarborough, Ontario Canada


This community college was established in 1966, it is one of the best for international students as it helps them gain skills and knowledge required to work, live and learn in Canada, it offers programs in collaboration with Toronto universities which awards post-secondary, postgraduate, fast-track courses and degree programs, as well as diplomas.  About 94% of her graduate are always ready and absorbed in the job market.  It has about 8 schools.

  • Selkirk College

Location: Castlegar, British Columbia Canada


This institution was founded in 1966, it has full accreditation and offers varieties if programs that awards diploma, degrees in fields like Medical Transcription; Anthropology; Electrical code; Biochemistry; Biology; Business Administration; Carpentry; Computer’s science; Creative writing; Culinary Management; Digital arts and new media; Engineering; and English, and students are transferred to a 4-year college to complete their studies. It provides reasonable and affordable fees for her students as well.

  • Fanshawe College

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

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This institution has about 4000 students enrolled in her programs, with an international student’s population of about 1200, it has the latest state of the arts equipment.  It offers programs in health, electronics, business administration, informatics, music production, art, design, manufacturing, hospitality, transportation, broadcasting, environmental science and civil engineering.

  • Vanier College

Location: Saint-Laurent, Québec Canada


This community college was established in 2001, with a mission of making her students successful, it uses French and English to deepen her students in cultural integration, it also exposes her students to community development,  it also builds her students confidence.

  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Location: Calgary, Alberta Canada


This is one of the largest and leading polytechnics, it aims at preparing and training her students in the latest technology and skills, IRS students population come from more than 60 countries, it provides her students with support services especially the disabled.

  • Bow Valley College

Location: Calgary, Alberta Canada


This institution was established in 1965, it aims at providing quality and spealized education training to her students, it also has state of arts facilities and aims at buildings her students to take up careers or continue in an academic environment which is a 4-year college.  It also allows her students work partime for the duration of their studies.

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