10 Worst High Schools in Canada

The ranking of schools is prepared according to the annual ranking from the Fraser Institute. It’s important to note that Canadian high schools are ranking among the very best high schools across the world and in general, Canada is actually among the most sort after country for students around the world now with international students coming in yearly in great numbers.

Nevertheless, in the situation of ranking of high schools, irrespective of just how good their school system might be, there are several of them that will not meet up to standard and are always at the bottom when it comes to ranking. Those at the bottom are actually viewed as the worst-ranked high schools in the nation.

What Are the Criteria for Ranking Schools in Canada? 

Rankings are carried out based on various criteria, and this helps to inform prospective applicants of the state and position at which the high school they are to apply for currently sits. Various criteria are involved in order to rank a school including student body characteristics, library, classes, finances, faculty, and reputation. Various rankings consider the coming together of factors, including endowment and funding, influence, admissions, student options, specialization expertise, historical reputation, award numbers, graduate employment, internationalization, industrial linkage, and other criteria. Most rankings also assess schools based on their research output.

The 10 Worst Secondary Schools in Canada Include

  • The Blyth Academy London

This is a private school located at the back of the Thames in downtown London. It is the very first on the checklist of worst secondary schools in Canada according to the ranking of high schools.

School Statistics.

Location: 441 Ridout Street North, London, Ontario, N6A 2P6.

Tuition fee: $16,995-$ 22,095 each year.

Grade: 9-12.

Class size: 8-16 students.

Key language: English.

Accepted sex: Male and female.

Program: Liberal Arts.

Living: Day

Annual Enrollment: Varies

Visit: https://blytheducation.com/blyth-academy/london/

  • Heritage Academy of Understanding Excellence

Heritage Academy of Understanding Excellence places among the 10 worst senior high schools in Canada. it is a non-denominational and also non-profit college located in Ottawa, Ontario.

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Institution Stats.

Area: 207 Bayswater Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 2G5.

Average class dimension: 6-12 Pupils.

Grades: 1-12.

Tuition fee: $14,900-17,700 annually.

Curriculum: Traditional.

Living: Day.

Main language: English.

Accepted gender: Male and Female.

Annual Registration: 120 students.

Visit: http://heritageacademyng.com/

  • Chamberlain International College

Chamberlain International college despite its high tuition charges falls on the list. At Chamberlain International Institution, student assistance is offered for students with specials health needs like; OCD, stress and anxiety, ASD, NLD, ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, and other conditions.

School Data.

Area: No. 1 Pleasant Street, PO Box 778 Middleboro, MA.

Curriculum: Conventional.

Tuition fee: $100,000-$ 185,000 each year.

Typical class dimension: 10-12 pupils.

Grade: 6-12.

Living: Day and also Boarding.

Key language: English.

Accepted gender: Male and female.

Yearly registration: 120 pupils.

Visit: https://www.chamberlainschool.org/

  • Blyth Academy Lawrence Park

Blyth Academy Lawrence Park rates low in the listing of worst high schools in Canada according to the positions from Fraser Institute’s annual report.

Institution Stats.

Area: 160 Avenue Roadway, Toronto, ON, Canada M5R 2H8.

Educational program: Liberal arts.

Tuition fee: $14,495-$25,395 each year.

Class size: 8-16.

Grades: 9 to grade 12.

Living: Day.

Main language: English.

Accepted gender: Male, Female.

Yearly registration: Varies.

Visit: https://blytheducation.com/blyth-academy/lawrence-park/

  • ClearWater Academy

ClearWater Academy is a Catholic institution that exceeds Academics to help its students discover and also to use their God-given talents to the max of their potentials so they can fulfill all that God has actually predestined them to satisfy in life. All this not-withstanding, Clear Water Academy rates amongst the worst senior high schools in Canada.

This Institution despite its Catholic history is entirely open to youngsters from all religious backgrounds and also non-religious histories.

School Data.

Location: Crowchild Trail/Flanders Ave. SW, Calgary Alberta.

Educational program: Liberal arts, Montessori.

Tuition fee: $7,900-$ 21,000.

Class size: 16-18 trainees.

Grades: Junior Kindergarten-quality 12.

Living: Day.

Key language: English.

Accepted sex: Male, Female.

Yearly registration: 430 students.

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Visit: https://www.clearwateracademy.org/

  • Blyth Academy Burlington

Blyth Academy Burlington is an institution situated in a town square in the midtown of Burlington. the school runs programs for children in both the top basic as well as middle standard. Burlington academy likewise rates among the worst senior high schools in Canada.

The school is furnished with fitness growth centers and it is bordered with art shops, and also restaurants; providing it a perfect area for youngsters’ social and physical growth.

College stats.

Location: Village Square, 422 Pearl Road, Units 14-21, Burlington, Ontario, L7R 2N1. Educational program: Liberal arts.

Tuition fee: $15,995-$ 22,095 annually.

Class size: 8-16 pupils.

Grades: Grade 5 – 12.

Living: Day.

Main language: English.

Accepted sex: Male and Female.

Yearly enrollment: Varies.

Visit: https://blytheducation.com/blyth-academy/burlington/

  • Trillium School

Trillium School is a private school situated in the heart of Markham in Ontario, it falls on the list of the worst senior high schools in Canada according to the annual report ranking by the Fraser Institute.

Trillium college works with a devoted and expert team who are specialists in their different fields of field of expertise; at Trillium teachers do their best to get the best out of their students.

College statistics.

Place: 4277 14th Opportunity, Markham, Ontario, L3R 0J2.

Curriculum: Traditional, Montessori.

Tuition fee: $7,600-$ 41,500 annually.

Class size: Varies.

Grade: Nursery – 12.

Living: Day and boarding.

Main language: English.

Accepted gender: Male and female.

Annual registration: 410 students.

Visit: https://trilliumsuccessacademy.com/

  • Athol Murray College of Notre Dame

The school is a mixed-sex, independent exclusive secondary school with an elegant boarding as well as an educational experience for its students; Athol Murray College of Notre Dame regardless of its high tuition rankings among the 10 worst high schools in Canada.

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame does not just care for the scholastic life of their students but likewise their spiritual as well as physical life; via religious instructions and sports tasks.

School stats.

Located at: P.O. Box 100, Wilcox, Saskatchewan, S0G 5E0.

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Curriculum: Standard.

Tuition fee: $11,500-$ 54,000 year.

Class size: 16 pupils.

Grade: Grade 9 – grade 12.

Living: Day and also boarding.

Main language: English.

Visit: https://www.notredame.ca/

Accepted gender: Male and female.

Annual enrollment: 325 students.

  • De La Salle College

De La Salle University ranks among the worst secondary schools in Canada. It is a mixed Catholic school. De La Salle University in spite of its Catholic history is open for enrollment to students from both religious and non-religious backgrounds. De La Salle College combines academic activities with spiritual activities in order to help their students prepare both academically and mentally.

Institution stats.

Place: 131 Farnham Method, Toronto, Ontario, M4V 1H7.

Educational program: Liberal arts.

Tuition fee: $15,225-$ 15,650 per year.

Average course dimension: 23 students.

Grade: 5-12.

Living: Day.

Key language: English.

Sex: Male, Female.

Yearly registration: 680 students.

Visit: https://www.lasallecollegeondo.education/index

  • Burlington Royal Arts Academy

Burlington Royal Arts Academy places among the 10 worst senior high schools in Canada. At Burlington Royal Arts Academy learning is promoted by the presence of a reduced typical class size of 5-12 pupils.

The school offers special programs like; computer animation, movement creating, dance, songs, film & video clips, and computer systems. They also provide part-time programs to fit various pupils specifically working students.

School data.

Location: 2054 Mountainside Dr., Burlington, Ontario, L7P 1A8.

Curriculum: Conventional.

Tuition fee: $12,800 each year.

Class size: 5-12 students.

Grade: 9-12.

Living: Day.

Main language: English.

Accepted gender: Male and also female.

Annual registration: 35 pupils each year.

Visit: https://burlingtonroyalartsacademy.ca/

Final thought 

This post includes a detailed list of the 10 worst high schools in Canada along with their data. This was written according to the annual ranking by Fraser Institute.

Please keep in mind that this position may be inappropriate with the different abilities of various scholars as some children might do better in a school placed lower on the list than the school rated greater. Therefore, personal analytics could verify to be much better.

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