Top 8 Free Online Courses In Canada With Certificates

According to facts, Canada has a high demand of international student admission because of it world-class education system, and high ranking of its academic institutions in the world. Although, students who wish to study in Canada are sometimes faced with rejection, however, students can apply for an online course.

For students who could not make it to Canada, applying for online courses in Canada and obtaining certificates would be a good choice. Before I go further talking about the free online courses students can enroll in, I want us to understand what online course and learning is about.

Online learning, often known as distance learning, is a form of study which allows students to study a course without being locked in a formal school setting. In this mode of learning, communication is done via computer based interaction like e-mail, chat rooms, video conferencing etc., although, tuition fee for online learning vary from country down to program.

On the other hand, online course focuses on the use of ICT for learning. Online courses offer series of lessons on web browser which can be assessed from anyplace. Also, flexible dates are allotted to allow student specialize in a new field without changing their regular work schedule. Most interestingly, online courses serve as career boost which adds to what a person already knows.

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There are reputable online learning platforms like edX, Coursera, Udemy etc., where interested persons can enroll.

Well, let us look at the top 8 free online courses in Canada with certificates. Canadian and international students can enroll in these courses to gain more knowledge and improve their curriculum vitae.

  1. Free IELTS preparation online courses

IELTS is a compulsory academic test for students from non-english speaking countries who intend to study in Canada, Australia, US or any other English speaking country.

This course covers listening, speaking, reading and writing, with a 5 – 10 hours effort needed per week. This course is scheduled for 8 weeks, and is comprehensive and self-paced. edX, an online learning platform, offers this course.

  1. Fashion and Design free online courses

This free online course is designed to prepare you for a career in the fashion industry. Also, you will learn about hands-on skills as well as the history of fashion and how it is influencing the fashion world today.

This online course is scheduled to last for 6 – 10 hours with free certification at the end of the course. Alison, an online learning platform, offers this course.

  1. Free Online courses on good writing skills

This free online course is designed to help you improve your writing skills in essay writing, grammar, business writing from top universities.

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Also, there is a wide selection of writing classes which you can choose from. It ranges from fiction writing, essay writing, script writing, novel writing etc. This course is offered by edX, an online learning platform.

  1. Software Development free online courses

This free online class offers valuable insight into the modern techniques and technical skills used in the software industry. A wide range of classes are available for you to choose from.

Students studying software engineering, design etc., can apply for this free online course to add more knowledge to what they already know. On the sidenote, the Software Development and Engineering online courses are offered by The University of British Columbia on Coursera and at the end of the program, certifications are given under the university.

  1. Free Online Courses on Accounting

This is a free self-paced online accounting course that takes about 20 hours to complete, and no initial entry requirement is needed.

Also, application from interested participants is received all year long for this short course.

  1. Free Online Courses on Business Communication

This free course is designed to help improve your business writing skills as well as your interpersonal and presentation skills. This course can be completed in about 10 – 15 hours and the benchmark required to obtain a certificate is 80%.

  1. Free Online Course On English For Development

This free online course is offered by the British Council to students and teachers. In this course, you will learn about job search skills, the application process, and interview skills. The course also focuses on networking skills. The duration of this course is approximately 2 – 3 hours.

  1. Free Online Course on Learning to Teach Online

This is a free online course available to both Canadian and  international students. Approximately 17 hours is needed to complete this course. Also, you can reset the deadline to suit your schedule.

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It is advisable to take part in these courses. Also, if you don’t have the finance needed to obtain the certificate, first get the knowledge. The knowledge gained is more important than the certificate obtained.

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